Steve's story.

Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff was killed in a horrific multi-car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway on June 21, 2008.

The healing process for all of us has been unbelievable and excruciating; a reality that we will carry with us for a lifetime. One way to keep Steve alive in our hearts and continue his life's momentum was to start the Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff Foundation. Dedicated to supporting the things he loved (and there were many), the Foundation counts on the donations received to support the activities and issues that, for Steve, were both important and fun.

Steve grew up riding his bike and playing kick-the-can in Wantagh, NY; was a trumpet player, golfer, writer, and stand-out student in high school; became an honors program graduate of SUNY Albany; and eventually found his way into the technology boom on the west coast. He loved so many things: ultimate Frisbee, reading pretty much anything, playing bass in his band, hanging out in Dolores Park in San Francisco, friends, sarcasm ... and he was always the smartest person in the room.While his sense of time was, well, a bit slow, it didn’t matter. He was always worth waiting for.

He had two younger siblings and was a pretty typical older brother—obnoxious and loving in equal measures. He was a son who said what was on his mind, challenging his parents (in a good way!). He was a devoted partner, a loyal friend, the coolest cousin, a fun/funny nephew, and a loving grandson. He was a gift we could have not imagined having; a gift we cannot imagine life without.