Happy 38th Birthday! (Wow. That's old!)

Today would have been Steve's 38th Birthday and I am certain he would be doing something super fantastic to celebrate. Steve loved spending these special days with his friends (he had so many, how did he do it?) and finding the right balance between party and not-party.

This picture was taken at Steve's last birthday. The big 3-0. We went kayaking at Stinson Beach, CA. He wore his goofy glasses and I guess it was a little cold.

Steve was born on the first day of Fall and died on the first day of Summer. There something oddly satisfying (and I'm sure Steve's OCD would agree) about the significance of the equinox and solstice in his life and its parallel meaning to the Earth. If the autumnal equinox represents balance, then the summer solstice was most certainly the day we felt our world come to a deafening halt on the longest day of the year.

Here we are. Another birthday. Another equinox. Another day. The SNWF is always looking for ways to celebrate Steve's life and your donations are one amazing way we get to do that. We get to give life to the days lost. Thank you to everyone who has given to the foundation and let's keep this momentum going for a very long time.